a certain taggable misaka_imouto

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Former, while conflicts are super unlikely they could still happen and it's much clearer what's going on if you use the full name.

Tags for misakas with individual visual quirks is the way to do it, piespy is correct.

Then I'll also add the numbers to Misaka Imoutos clearly referencing scenes from the source material where they're identified by their number, when their number itself appears in the image, or when the Word of God states the Misaka in question is a certain number.

After tagging at least the obvious instances, I've also updated the Misaka_Imouto wiki to indicate how people can tell which one is which, at least for the two common ones. I marked it as a spoiler, though I'm not sure that's really appropriate, seeing how none of the images showing a million imoutos are considered spoilers. So feel free to remove the spoiler tag.