Tag alias: licking_finger -> finger_licking

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create alias licking_finger -> finger_licking

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edit: there are some other identical X_licking and licking_X tags. Other than licking lips and licking finger, the other licking_X tags have less than 10 posts, so it might not be that important to create aliases for them as well, but they might pop up again if it gets left alone.

I've manually moved 6 posts from licking_face to face licking, and 1 post each from licking_X to armpit licking, testicle licking, nipple licking, and panty licking.

licking_nipples, licking_testicles, and licking_panties still have posts, but I can't change them due to being loli.

Updated by jxh2154

create alias licking_finger -> finger_licking
create alias licking_lips -> lip_licking
create alias licking_face -> face_licking
create alias licking_armpit -> armpit_licking
create alias licking_testicles -> testicle_licking
create alias licking_nipples -> nipple_licking
create alias licking_panties -> panty_licking