Search for screen ratio?

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I know you can search for images with "width:1920" and "height:1080," in order to find wallpapers of the exact size. But is there a way to search for all images of that 16:9 screen ratio? Such an option would also allow me to find larger images of "width:2560" and "height:1440," as well as all other combinations, in one fell swoop.


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Truly not bad at all, but 1) that includes 16:10 results which don't exactly fit my 1920x1080 monitor, and 2) I can't simply reverse it to find vertical 9:16 images. You know, for when I rotate my monitor 90 degrees clockwise...

As a kinda sideways answer to your question, here is a list of all the ways to search Danbooru. I don't know if it's been updated for anything added in Danbooru2. It doesn't seem like there's a method for searching by ratio.