Question regarding parents/twitpic/Jpg Artifacts

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I've been noticing a few of my pictures being flagged and deleted for "jpg artifacts" yet they are barely visible. If we allow 10,000 jpg_artifacts images and error images to be here, why should two pictures be flagged for minor artifacts and twitpic pictures at that which are usually of lower quality before they release the full picture to begin with. Parents/Children images are rarely deleted because a picture is superior so again why were mine flagged and just deleted?

Updated by Hillside Moose

Someone felt the need to flag for having jpeg artifacts it and nobody felt the need to save it that's all that happened.

Error has nothing to do with anything. It's an error.

Less than 50 pages of jpeg artifacts have parents. Less than 10 are tagged dupe.

Also, who cares, contributor deletions have literally no effect on anything.

If there's no better version uploaded then flagging them is definitely not a good idea. Even if an artifact-free version is uploaded it's still not a really serious reason to flag something, especially if the artifacts aren't very noticeable, though I suppose in this case there might be less clutter in search results.

Regarding artifacts, they should only result in a flagging if 1. they're really bad or 2. a better version existed previously.

They should not result in a flag if 1. they're not that noticeable and/or 2. they're the first upload of the image and a better version only comes later.

Obviously the definition of really bad is subjective.