Artist appears as a normal tag.

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So I added a new artist but he still appears as a normal tag when I add it to the image. What's causing this? Is it normal? The artist is ninnin (獅子唐).

EDIT: The problem somehow fixed after someone edited the wiki. Anyone know what went wrong or if this is normal for future reference?


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  • In order to tell the site your tag is an artist tag, you need to type artist:ninnin_(獅子唐) when editing the tags. It will change to red after that. You may want to read howto:artist as well. (I fixed this tag.)

    Though you don't want japanese characters in the name, so you should use ninnin_(shishitou) instead, which I believe is the romanized form of it. (If you're not sure how to romanize a name, ask in this thread: topic #8199.)

    Also, please use urls like this for pixiv sources: http://i2.pixiv.net/img04/img/nin_nin_g/7068846.jpg
    Not like this: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=7068846

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