Multiple Expression image sets

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Since a whole bunch of images I uploaded earlier are being flagged in this set pool #7005, I'll ask before I go ahead and upload the rest for this pool #7006, since there's a total of 52 images, and would be waste of time if they'll all get deleted in the long run.

I'm wonder how the general consensus would be for image sets like these where the changes are just the facial expressions of the characters. Personally, I would prefer one single image as well, but if it's allowed, I'll upload the entire set. Depending on how people feels about it, I'll ask majority of the set to be deleted and just keep the few that seems passable.


I flagged them, but not because they're so many. (and I can only flag 10 images a day)
Her eyes are misaligned, the mouth and nose are just placed somewhere on the face, her thumbs don't come out of her hands and her feet look weird, too. (I made the comment on the first post before I got a good look at the images themselves)
Dairi's Futo images are of much better quality.