Family Tag ( definition )

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"A social unit composed of a mother, a father, and their children (at least one)."


Seeing it's current use it's description is rather unfitting. I propose we change it to simply be a ''super-tag'' for any family formation as that seems to be what it's used for by basically any poster.

We could perhaps use ''household'' for what it's currently described as being, which would be more logical seeing as one of the definitions of family itself also extents to cousins, uncles, aunts nephews and nieces.

Of course re-tagging existing images would be a **** in that case... but so would removing all the family tagged images from the ''family'' pool that don't fit the description. However simply changing it to a tag for ''any ( direct ) family connection'' solves that problem. ''households'' are easy to find by searching ''mother_and_daughter father_and_daughter" or ''mother_and_son father_and_son'' as it is, if properly tagged that is.

Schrobby said:

Maybe change "a mother, a father and their children" to "parents and children or similar groups"? This way the various family pools like pool #4169, pool #5206 and similar can go.

I agree, it would make sense for family to include non-blood-related families as well.

Here are some of the other family pools we currently have:

Though we don't necessarily have to restrict it to parent/child-like relations. A group of siblings might count as well, for example.

Hillside_Moose said:

I would prefer family to be parents and children. I do not agree with adding groups of siblings; that's what the siblings tag is for, and it dilutes family into just another umbrella tag.

Yeah we already have a tag that covers siblings only.

But I would say that "parents" in this case should include any guardian figure, so it could include things like living with a grandparent, or being under the care of a non-biological relation.