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After all this time, I took the liberty of creating the gyaté tag and applying it to a handful of images. Past this point, I could use some advice/assistance:

  • Should we even have it at all? (Seems like it fits with the other catchphrase tags to me.)
  • Assuming we keep it, it'd be nice to have an alias gyate -> gyaté.
  • It would also belong in the "meme" tag group under catchphrases, but I wasn't prepared to edit that page on my own yet.

I'll spend some time later on looking for more posts for it. Thoughts?

S1eth said:

We don't use accents, umlauts or similar in tags.
Since this isn't a made up catchphrase, I'd tag it heart_sutra instead.
gyate is also only the Japanese spelling.

Sounds sensible - that would also cover the less-often-seen "ze-mu-to-do-shu-" phrase. Should we alias gyate to heart_sutra, then?

Edit: Changed the tag to heart_sutra and wrote a wiki for it.