Some Puyopuyo aliases

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Alias the following:

ocean_prince -> sakana_ouji
strange_klug -> ayashii_klug
English -> Japanese names

accord_sensei -> ms_accord
Improper noun issue from below.

amity -> amitie
Alternate spellings, but Amitie is more popular.

ecolo -> ekoro
More alternate spellings. The Ekoro spelling seems to be a play on ‘kokoro’ as he likes to play with people’s hearts, or it could be from the onomatopoeia ‘koro koro’ meaning a fat, bouncy object, which is what his ghost form looks like.

unusual_ekoro, unusual_ecolo and kawatta_ecolo -> kawatta_ekoro
Alternate English spellings for his human form.

rider_(puyopuyo) <-> rideru_(puyopuyo)
This one’s weird because the etymology of Rider’s name isn’t very clear, and the katakana is リデル which could be read multiple ways. It’s not pronounced the same way as you would say ‘horseback rider’.