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Does the hetero tag apply to bisexual images? Searching for straight shota and bisexual turns up post #1327050 (and a few others where the "bi" component is girl-on-girl).

I suppose it depends on whether this image is straight shota or not. By the current Wiki definition it is, since it doesn't exclude acts with males in addition to those with females. Then again, there's nothing in the hetero or bisexual tags that suggests they are exclusive either, though I think that's probably an oversight.

Setsunator said:

straight_shota is a redundant tag though isn't it?. A simple use of shota and hetero would do the same thing.

Not really equivalents. post #1261600 is shota+hetero (loli having sex with 3 men and shotas watching the video), but it isn't straight_shota. Straight_shota did make a bit more sense before we had the hetero tag though, the only thing really going for it now is it filters out at some minor noise from the search results present in a hetero shota search (greater than it should be at the moment) and it is the actual name of a real genre. Straight_shota ends up now really more useful for what it can bring up being used as a minus tag than as a positive tag, since it would bring up things like post #1261600 out being buried in a hetero shota search. If the tag ends up being removed given its very minor utility now, it'd be perfectly understandable though.

As a side note, unfortunately the hetero tag seems to have been noised up thanks to poor quality control on some user's part with mass tagging, as I'm coming across several images under a hetero shota search of solo characters (and no other characters reference, ie a character holding a photo of someone else or anything), futa_with_male, and yaoi images.