Are detailed flag reasons useful?

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There were some concerns about my reasons for flagging pictures. I thought giving detailed reasons would help janitors pinpoint the reason why pictures should not have been approved. In a PM conversation with Hinacle, it was suggested that I simply use "quality check". My question is about what type of flag reason is preferred.

Use whatever you feel comfortable with. If you want it detailed, go for it. To be honest, I prefer it to be detailed. Having a detailed reason why it's flagged helps with the overall decision making. Especially if the problem is easy to miss.

I think detailed flag reasons are better than a generic "quality check", which wouldn't tell the uploader what the issue with their upload was if it does get deleted.

That said, I don't think "unnecessarily sharp teeth" or the ones about wrenches were particularly good flag reasons.

I definitely agree that detailed reasons are preferable, but if someone isn't really good at conveying detailed reasons then they're probably much better off just keeping it generic.

I originally thought his flags were some weird avant garde trolling until he sent me a dmail, so it's probably best to avoid that.

I assumed that the flag reasons, some of which are insufficient on their own, combine to create enough of a reason to flag posts, such as unexplained oddities in pictures that are also blurry or pixelated. Am I correct in thinking this?

Also, I admit that my flag reasons were fairly blunt, and I can try to be more constructive in them.