film vs. film strip vs. film border

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I've noticed that the tags film, film strip, and film border are not used very consistently, and there are no wiki pages for any of these tags, so while I'd willingly do some cleanup, it's not clear what to clean up to.

It seems clear to me that film border should be used for those images where the familiar "sprocket holes" are visible on the sides or on the top and bottom. All the images currently tagged with that match that description; however, other images which it seems should be so tagged are not (post #1367830, for example.)

Meanwhile, it seems that film and film strip would be appropriate to use when a strip of film is a compositional element in the image (whether diagetic, as in post #1127203, or non-diagetic as in post #1121505). But what's the difference between the two?

Clarification would be welcomed.

ghostrigger said:

i thought someone started cleaning the film tag before? i have the opinion of emptying and marking it as ambiguous. there are plenty of specific film_* might be more useful.

I didn't realize that was a possibility, but if it is, I think it's the one to go with. I don't see anything that "film" can refer to that can't be tagged better with something more specific.