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create alias artist_twitter -> twitter_username

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When I made the artist twitter tag, I was thinking of it as being used primarily by the artist of the image, and that's probably how it's most often going to be used.

However, I realized a long while later that this wasn't going to always be the case--a twitter username could be given for event updates, as a shoutout to/promo for one of the artist's friends, listing collaborators on an image, listing other people in their circle, and so on.

Clearly, I'd limited myself in scope when I came up with the tag name, so I'd like to request that the results of my shortsightedness be rectified by the powers that be.

Additionally, I chose "twitter username" over "twitter handle" because a) while the latter does have more hits on Google, a look at Google Trends showed that this was only a recent change, and b) "twitter username" is a lot more unambiguous, especially since "twitter handle" could be confused with a twitter name (which is just a display name that can be changed to whatever the user feels like at any given moment). Yes, I put a lot more thought into this than was likely necessary.

Thank you.