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Alias localized names for FGO Fairy Knight characters pending TenaciousTurtleDucks Username Hidden
strawberry shortcake implication pending smowtenshi magcolo
How do I tag this? page 379 approved Schrobby Drimacus
Disambiguate Dennou Coil's Characters pending VR-Man VR-Man
Qualifier standardization: *_(the_legend_of_zelda) -> *_(zelda) pending AngryZapdos blindVigil
imply across the spider-verse to spider man (series) pending sabisabi sabisabi
qualifying miguel pending sabisabi Mavado
Azur Lane's siren faction characters rename and implication pending denliner27 denliner27
Should 6+ tags be deprecated in favour of more granularity? rejected Username Hidden nonamethanks
Milk Inside a Bag of Milk Inside a Bag of Milk pending HyphenSam Mavado
alias roomba -> robotic_vacuum_cleaner pending AkaringoP AkaringoP
New/Repopulated/Nuked Tag Report page 17 nonamethanks NNTBot
Halo colour implications + dark halo pending HyphenSam DanbooruBot
Is it necessary to differentiate very wide shot and absurdly wide shot? pending magcolo DanbooruBot
Are numbers symbols? rejected HyphenSam DanbooruBot
Disambiguifying covered_nipples pending AngryZapdos DanbooruBot
nuke sketch_eyebrows pending Hankpropaniac57 LQ
colored jabot implications pending BobTheBuilder v1 BobTheBuilder v1
The Vtuber Alternate Costume Tagging Proposal page 6 pending thelieutenant Mexiguy
[Arknights] Costume implications page 5 pending Astolfo Username Hidden
Walther MP submachine gun alias (merging tags) pending World Funeral World Funeral
holding_eyewear and adjusting fixes pending BobTheBuilder v1 BobTheBuilder v1
Rename jpeg_artifacts pending redtails nonamethanks
Imply star_wars pending harlanddeez harlanddeez
[bulk] Street Fighter character names page 2 pending StalkingPanda NCX
imply susannah_(valkyrie_quicksand) -> susannah_(honkai_impact) pending Runty magcolo
merging prosthesis/other solutions rejected BobTheBuilder v1 DanbooruBot
clothes actions disambiguation rejected BobTheBuilder v1 DanbooruBot
Print Pantyhose, Thighhighs, Socks Implications DangerNightime DanbooruBot
alias covered_pussy -> cameltoe pending The Bob DanbooruBot
lens nuke + deprecate, camera_lens deprecate pending BobTheBuilder v1 DanbooruBot
alias middle_and_ring_fingers_together -> \||/ pending magcolo magcolo
alias lining_up -> queue pending The Bob The Bob
Lamia Boy -> Snake Boy pending Unbreakable Flopsy
[Granblue Fantasy] Costume Implications pending Shikii Shikii
Rename Nissin's cup noodle + instant noodles tags rejected TrueKringe Damian0358
English to Japanese title aliases page 28 pending evazion bipface
alias astronaut -> spacesuit pending thelieutenant thelieutenant
Azumanga Daioh qualifiers pending HeeroWingZero HeeroWingZero
Rename kurun -> kurun_(pretty_rhythm) approved Nameless Contributor DanbooruBot
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