Collection: Kantai Collection - Kimura's Raiding Force

December 24, 1944 - December 30, 1944

A collection of posts that depicts the ships that participated in Operation REI-Go lead by Rear Admiral Kimura Masatomi. Their primary objective was to bombard the beachheads and American supply depots in San Jose, Mindoro, Philippines. The raiders met opposition from American bombers and PT-Boats (which sunk Kiyoshimo) but managed to accomplish their mission on December 27, 1944; nevertheless the mission failed to prevent the Allied recapture of Mindoro. Along with Operation KITA and others, Operation REI-Go was one of the last major (if not pointless by this stage) victories achieved by the IJN in the final stages of the Pacific War.

Members of the Fleet

Note: Bold means Flagship

The group was disbanded after the operation.
Ashigara continued her operations within the Southwest Pacific until she sunk on June 8, 1945.
Ooyodo, Kasumi and Asashimo participated in the Operation KITA afterwards.
Kiyoshimo was bombed in the operation and sunk afterwards.
Sugi, Kashi and Kaya survived the war.

Posts that are qualified in the pool
  • All the current five members are present in the same picture.
  • Posts that are depicting the operation by any of the members.

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