Collection: Touhou - Shou's Missing Pagoda

Ever since Toramaru Shou's first appearance in Undefined Fantastic Object, she's been losing her Bishamonten's Pagoda and sending Nazrin to go find it for her. This pool is for posts depicting Shou searching for her lost Pagoda, in the process of losing her Pagoda, asking Nazrin to find it, having found it herself in a strange place, or someone else finding it.

If someone other than Shou has the Pagoda, they must at least imply that they have found it in a strange place (whether they know what it is or not), or that they think Shou must have lost it again. At the very least, the joke that Shou must have lost her Pagoda again must be intentionally present.

The Pagoda becoming Kamishirasawa Keine's pagoda-hat is a separate joke that only applies to this pool if someone notices she's wearing the wrong type of pagoda on her head.

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