Collection: Umamusume - God Damn It Golshi!

Umamusume's entry into our perennial series of "God Damn It, X!" pools, featuring noted troll and weirdo Gold Ship pulling off her antics and pranking the other characters. (And the reader too. Sometimes.)

Poor Mejiro McQueen and Tosen Jordan being Golshi's favorite "victims". This trolling can be quite elaborate at times, such as seen in post #4515873.

Golshi's antics can also get rather meta, with her inexplicably invading other series (e.g. post #4513385, post #4542716), appearing in real-life references (e.g. post #4612648), giving a middle finger to physics (e.g. post #4489799), or just subverting genre expectations in general to troll the viewer (e.g. post #4572931, post #4573429, post #4518445). Often these will also involve elaborate groan-inducing puns, though some are far more direct (e.g. post #4524842, post #4584033).

Examples featuring the real-life Gold Ship can also be included in this pool.

Pixiv equivalent tags: 安定のゴルシ, 黙れば美人、喋ると奇人、走る姿は不沈艦

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