Collection: Fate series - The Tamamo Nine

In the Fate series, Tamamo no Mae splits eight of her nine tails, and they each wind up gaining sentience and becoming Servants of their own. Each of them wears different colored kimono and has their own signature hairstyle. Aside from Tamamo no Mae herself, only two of the Tamamo Nine have been fully identified: Tamamo Cat, the Berserker-class Servant who wears red and represents the original's more pure and sincere aspects, and Tamamo Aria, the Rider-class Servant who wears yellow and mirrors what others expect of her. The remaining six have only been seen in this sketch, and some of their names and personalities have been revealed:

  • Tamamo Vitch, the "talented beautiful secretary"
  • Tamamo Gucchi, who likes expensive things
  • Tamamo Delmo, the "supremacy of the home"
  • Tamamo no Hime, the "noncommittal princess"

This pool is for images containing any of the Tamamo Nine aside from the original Tamamo no Mae, Tamamo Cat, and Tamamo Aria, especially if their designs are from the sketch referenced above.

Note that due to certain circumstances in Fate/Grand Order, Koyanskaya is referred to as Tamamo Vitch, but this is actually false. For that reason, some images representing the purple-colored Tamamo may be of Koyanskaya, due to them being drawn before the events of the Tunguska Sanctuary in FGO.

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