Series: Summertime Render - Side Story (Guihuafu81230)

This fan manga follows the ending of the original manga, where the world respond into an alternate universe where shadows never existed, everyone is alive, Haine reincarnated as Minakata Ryuunosuke's daughter and Minakata Hizuru is writing a novel inspired by Ajiro Shinpei's dream (about his adventure in the other universes). It features two separate scenes where Ajiro Shinpei and Kofune Ushio were both taking a photoshoot: one for Minakata Hizuru's novel cover and one for their wedding photo.

The manga may seem s bit confusing at first, since the artist structured it in a way that makes it seem smooth like a single event, in fact, whenever the page is split from middle, every panel on the left is at the novel cover photoshoot and every panel right at the wedding photoshoot. You can tell from the outfit changes and the dialogues will make much more sense if you reread it that way.