Collection: Touhou - Saigyouji Yuyuko: Gluttonous Ghost of Gensokyo

Before Akagi, Before Oguri Cap… there was Yuyuko.

This pool is for images of Saigyouji Yuyuko’s excessive eating habits. Eating ridiculous amounts of food, things she really shouldn’t, or achieving ridiculous feats in the name of a good meal.

Her appetite is notable for her relatively high number of attempts to eat other named characters – probably because her references to eating Mystia Lorelei were the very beginning of her memetic gluttony. Not to mention, Touhou’s monster girl-filled cast has a very high ratio of characters who are made of food.

It can also include Konpaku Youmu’s attempts to prepare or acquire enough food for her - once again, assuming those attempts are excessive in volume.

See also
Gensokyo's Other Gluttons
  • Ibaraki Kasen, from Wild and Horned Hermit. Tends to be depicted similar to Mejiro McQueen, somewhat ashamed of her gluttonous nature and trying to control it. This is partially because, as a hermit, she's supposed to be able to live off only mist, but every time she goes to the village in canon, she seems to stop somewhere to eat. When her true form is revealed at the end of the manga, she even tries making a meal out of Reimu.
  • Toutetsu Yuuma, the final boss of Sunken Fossil World who has the ability to devour and absorb absolutely anything. If anyone's able to take Yuyuko's crown of biggest eater, it's probably her.
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