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Collection: Loaded Interior

Rooms or houses loaded with innumerable details and things to look at.

1girl animal basket blonde_hair book bow broom buta_(jason13dead) cat chair cupboard desk fireplace flower hat hat_removed headwear_removed highres kirisame_marisa lamp lantern looking_back messy messy_room mirror mushroom reflection room sign sitting solo touhou vase window witch_hat
2girls backbeard bad_id bad_pixiv_id basket bird blonde_hair book bookshelf broom camera chimney clock clothes computer dark_matter dead_space door dragon_ball dragon_ball_(object) famicom floorplan game_console gears_of_war gegege_no_kitarou hakurei_reimu halo_(game) helmet highres hourglass house interior katana kirby_(series) kirisame_marisa lancer_(weapon) mask messy minigirl multiple_girls nom_(shumneko) piranha_plant quill sen_to_chihiro_no_kamikakushi seven-branched_sword skull sword teapot touhou weapon x-ray
2girls alice_margatroid blonde_hair bottle daruma_doll floorplan hat highres house interior isometric kirisame_marisa messy multiple_girls ribbon room touhou witch_hat zo_tuite
2boys animal ayatoki bag bare_tree basket black_hair blue_sky blurry book_stack bottle box brown_eyes brown_hair bucket bug butterfly butterfly_net cable cardboard_box cat chair cleaning_brush cloth commentary_request curtains day desk desk_lamp envelope glass globe grin half_updo hand_net hand_up hiding highres indian_style indoors insect jar lamp leaf looking_at_viewer male_focus messy_room multiple_boys no_shoes off_shoulder office_chair on_floor original overalls painting_(object) plank plant poster_(object) potted_plant power_lines profile room shirt shoes shoes_removed short_sleeves sitting sky sliding_doors smile socks sparkle stairs surprised sweater t-shirt tatami transparent tree v vase wall wallet water when_you_see_it whisker_markings wind window wooden_floor wrapper
1girl ahoge apple bandaid barefoot blinds book brown_eyes brown_hair cat corn cucumber eating eggplant fish flower food fruit goldfish grass hair_ornament hairclip highres kappa messy_room morning_glory nature neyagi original pixiv_festa plant popsicle potted_plant room scenery shade short_hair shorts sitting solo tomato water watermelon watermelon_bar wind_chime
1girl \o/ arms_up bad_id bad_pixiv_id blonde_hair bloomers bobby_socks book bow broom cat charin erlenmeyer_flask flask glowing happy hat indoors kirisame_marisa messy_room mini-hakkero open_book outstretched_arms room socks solo standing standing_on_one_leg star too_many_stars touhou underwear witch_hat yellow_eyes younger
1girl android bad_anatomy black_hair book camera chair desk drawer lamp long_hair machine nude original room solo sukabu tools uncensored whiteboard window
1girl acoustic_guitar animal ball black_legwear book bottle bowl box brown_eyes brown_hair cable cat clock computer cup desk dishes doll drawer dress eating feathers goggles guitar hair_ornament hat heart hebitsukai highres instrument keyboard_(computer) ladle lamp looking_at_viewer lotion microwave mirror monkey original overalls panties paper pen phone phonograph plate pot printer rod room shelf short_hair shorts sitting smile snake solo spoon stuffed_animal stuffed_toy television thighhighs tissue toilet toilet_paper towel toy trash trash_can umbrella underwear volleyball
3girls art_brush bad_perspective bad_proportions book bookshelf box canvas_(object) cardboard_box cd character_doll computer easel electric_fan figure glasses hatsune_miku headphones highres indoors laptop long_hair multiple_girls original outstretched_arm paint paintbrush painting palette plant potted_plant room school school_uniform serafuku shirakaba short_hair sitting television twintails very_long_hair vocaloid window
(stag) 3girls :> blonde_hair bookshelf brown_hair fisheye from_above highres hood hoodie indoors multiple_girls original phonograph record room smile suitcase turntable
1girl annotation_request apple_inc. art_brush ball belt bottle brown_eyes brown_hair cable camcorder camera chair clothes_writing computer crayon_shin-chan cup daruma_doll digital_media_player doll doraemon dvd_(object) earbuds earphones earphones_removed eraser fan feather_duster fire_extinguisher food from_above fumiko_(fumiko_no_kokuhaku) fumiko_no_kokuhaku gen_1_pokemon guitar headphones highres instrument ipod ishida_hiroyasu keyboard_(computer) kirby kirby_(series) kiteretsu_daihyakka korosuke laptop lying macintosh messy_room microphone microphone_stand monitor mouse_(computer) nintendo nohara_shinnosuke office_chair on_back on_floor original paint paintbrush palette pants paper_fan peko-chan pencil pikachu pocky pokemon pokemon_(creature) room ruler scenery shirt short_hair sketchbook solo stopwatch studio_ghibli stylus t-shirt table tablet television toad tongue trim_brush uchiwa vacuum_cleaner volleyball watch water_bottle
3girls adobe_photoshop anatomy barber_pole bunny_vibrator cassette_player cat censored clock computer controller crt cup_ramen disco_ball dog electric_guitar fanta fish_tank game_boy game_controller gamepad glasses guitar gundam handheld_game_console hood hoodie instrument jon_taira kotatsu lava_lamp mixing_console mosaic_censoring multiple_girls original pajamas panda piano playing_games poke_ball pokemon recursion room rx-78-2 shiba_inu space_invaders street_fighter street_fighter_iii_(series) table tablet television topless vibrator
1girl 3boys :d :o afro arch armor bed bell bell_collar black-framed_eyewear black_coat black_hair blue_eyes book book_stack bookmark bookshelf box bracelet broom brown_hair buddha cable calling canopy_bed castle ceiling_light chair chandelier clam_shell clipboard closet cloth collar corded_phone cup cushion doll drawer dumbbell eyewear_on_head fairy fantasy fish fish_tank floor frame full_armor gears ghost glasses gloves goat goblet hand_up heart holding indoors jewelry jingle_bell ladder lamp light_brown_hair long_hair long_sleeves machinery magazine medal miniature model mouth_hold multiple_boys mummy mushiyoshi mushroom oil_lamp open_mouth original painting_(object) pants paper pearl phone pink_hair plant ponytail quill railing ribbon room scenery scroll shell shuriken sitting skeleton skull sleeves_rolled_up smile spiral spirit spoon stack staff statue table tower transparent voodoo_doll walking window wooden_table
2boys :3 clock copyright_request creature glasses hat highres indoors jar multiple_boys original pop'n_music room scenery shelf sleeping smile table tail tree ujuju
1girl amd bird blonde_hair blu-ray book bookshelf cable calendar_(object) chitose_shuusui cloud computer cup_ramen curtains desk drawing dvd_(object) fate_testarossa figure fisheye game_console handheld_game_console hina_ichigo holo kettle laptop lyrical_nanoha macross macross_frontier mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha manga_(object) mobile nintendo_ds one_eye_closed orange_eyes otaku otaku_room penguin playstation_2 playstation_3 playstation_portable recursion room rozen_maiden school_uniform sega sega_mega_drive seishou_elementary_school_uniform slippers solo spice_and_wolf stereo tablet television to_aru_majutsu_no_index toilet toilet_paper trash_can video_game wacom wii window
1girl arawi_keiichi book box camera computer daruma_doll doll earphones fan highres milk nichijou official_art paper_fan poster_(object) room shinonome_nano short_hair sitting socks solo tatami television translation_request uchiwa
1girl album_cover bangs bell book bookshelf bug butterfly cat clock cover covering_mouth cup desk dog doll drawer fish fishbowl flower frog full_moon globe glowing goldfish hair_flower hair_ornament hanada_hyou hieda_no_akyuu highres insect japanese_clothes jewelry jingle_bell lantern moon necklace night origami paper_crane phonograph purple_hair red_eyes room round_window short_hair sitting socks solo teacup teapot touhou white_legwear window
4girls apple aquarium bad_id bad_pixiv_id book bottle candle cat chair crossed_legs dark_skin dog doll fish food frog fruit grey_hair hat highres hood jewelry lamp light_bulb matryoshka_doll multiple_girls original pig plant roe_(d-c_-b) rubber_duck scenery shawl shop short_hair sitting stairs vegetable white_hair wind_chime
3boys 3girls ame_(conronca) brown_eyes brown_hair candy cash_register cat child dress food glasses highres lollipop multiple_boys multiple_girls original popsicle room shop short_hair swirl_lollipop twintails
3girls abara_heiki absurdres bare_shoulders blonde_hair bottle braid chair clock cup dress flower fork framed_image glass hair_flower hair_ornament hat highres lantern long_hair multiple_girls notes original pixiv_festa plate room squatting table teacup teapot