Series: Touhou - Ronald's Past ・ Second Chapter (YAZA)

Japanese Title: ドナルドの過去・中編
Artist: YAZA

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In addition are the 幻想乱々流(Gensou Ran Ran Ru) flash videos. Prologue and Part 1 take place before the events of Ronald's Past ・ Finale, while Parts 2, 3, and 4 follow Ronald through his struggles at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, all of which take place toward the beginning of the chapter. Part 4.5 swaps the view over to Reimu, who is found to have also entered the Scarlet Devil Mansion. These flash videos are meant to take the place of the battle cinematics which have been omitted in the original doujinshi and are all thus far untranslated: (Nico Nico Douga / Youtube)

  • 幻想乱々流 序章 (Prologue) NND / YT
  • 幻想乱々流 オーダー1 (Part 1) NND / YT
  • 幻想乱々流 オーダー2 (Part 2) NND / YT
  • 幻想乱々流 オーダー3 (Part 3) NND / YT
  • 幻想乱々流 オーダー4 前編 (Part 4, First Half) NND / YT
  • 幻想乱々流 オーダー4 後編 (Part 4, Latter Half) NND / YT
  • 幻想乱々流 オーダー4.5 前編 (Part 4.5, First Half) NND
  • 幻想乱々流 オーダー4.5 後編 (Part 4.5, Latter Half) NND
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