Series: Touhou - Vampire Chain


Remilia turns Sakuya into a vampire, and everything just goes to hell from there.

It was started by supon, with this pixiv page explaining the rules:
Let's turn all the Touhou characters into vampires and draw pictures of them draining or being drained of their blood!

◆Story So Far
1. Remilia appears to have gotten serious.
Right now → 2. All Touhou characters become vampires!
3. When morning comes, everyone returns to normal and the incident is resolved.

•All participants please use the "All-Vampire Touhou" tag.
•As the project is rated R-18G, please set all participating works to R-18G, regardless of content.
•There doesn't have to be any particular story, though there is continuity between some of the planner's and/or participants' images. Please approach this without regard to changes in backstory or people acting out of character.

•Suck blood from anyone—youkai, dolls, ghosts, gods! Turn everyone into vampires!!
•Vampiric acts are as erotic as sexual acts! (pant pant)
•Take it easy on the teen angst/emo stuff.

Here are some of the responses.