Collection: Good vs. Evil

Images which captures the typical "good versus evil" theme; the eternal battle between those who serve light and those who serve darkness. Common features include:

  • A character/force that is obviously good; often represented through yellow and white colors, radiance, light-based weapons and powers, and an overall virtuous, angelic, and beautiful appearance.
  • A character/force that is obviously evil; often represented through black and red colors, tenebrousness, darkness-based weapons and powers, and an overall malevolent, demonic, and ugly appearance.
  • A stark difference between the good and the evil, or at least between the opposing forces. This usually manifests in coloration, black vs. white being the most common. In a theme like this the contrast is essential, and may compensate for other lacking features.

Examples: post #867311, post #900353, post #792132, post #955059, post #1069846.

A theme like this is nonetheless still hard to define - possibly due to the indistinct concepts of "good" and "evil" - and there are many exceptions from the mentioned features. As such, consider these guidelines:

  • Is the theme of "good versus evil" an important aspect of the image?
  • Is it probable that other people likewise would recognize this theme?
  • Is the image able to represent this theme? Can it, for example, be used as an illustration for it?
  • It is also important to emphasize that although an image may include elements from good and evil, and utilize the contrast between them, it may not necessarily focus on the struggle between them. For example, the focus of post #1402257 is cuteness, and thus it does not belong in this pool.

If an image does pass these requirements, then it belongs in this pool. And vice versa, if an image does not, then it should not be here.

Note: The presence of images in this pool are purely based on image depiction, and may not always reflect the official story of the franchise they are based on. If a scene of two characters fit a typical "good versus evil" theme, then it may be placed here even if the characters doesn't actually represent good and evil.

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