Series: Kantai Collection - Ushio's Picture Diary (Saiguchi Otoufu)

Japanese title: 潮ダイアリー
Artist: Saiguchi Otoufu

A twitter account series where Ushio describes her daily life, mainly having to do with other KanMusu, especially her division mates and sister ships Akebono, Oboro and Sazanami.

Many of the days involve references to some sort of anniversary of some obscure event or a minor holiday. (I.E. They go bowling on Bowling Day.) The series also frequently uses numeric puns called Goroawase to create its holidays. (8/7 becoming 8 -> hachi -> ha -> ba, and 7 -> nana, thus making 8/7 "banana day".)

Links and Monthly Bookmarks

Ushio's Diary 1 => From February 17th to March 16th
Ushio's Diary 2 => From March 17th to April 16th
Ushio's Diary 3 => From April 17th to May 16th
Ushio's Diary 4 => From May 17th to June 16th
Ushio's Diary 5 => From June 17th to July 16th
Ushio's Diary 6 => From July 17th to August 16th
Ushio's Diary 7 => From August 17th to September 16th
Ushio's Diary 8 => From September 17th to October 16th
Ushio's Diary 9 => From October 17th to November 16th
Ushio's Diary 10 => From November 17th to December 16th
Ushio's Diary 11 => From December 17th to January 16th
Ushio's Diary 12 => From January 17th to February 16th

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