Series: Kantai Collection - Destroyer Ushio's Ten-Game Match (Hiya Gohan)

Japanese title: 駆逐艦 潮、十番勝負
Pixiv tag: うしおちゃん (Ushio-chan) [tag search] / [Encyclopedia]

Hiya Gohan's 4koma webcomic series. A notably expressionless Ushio "challenges" various different people or concepts with the help of her psychopathically unreactive fellow 7th Destroyer Division "allies". Hilarity via absurdity ensues. Mike Haggar appears frequently as well for no reason.

The strip relies upon a strange and minimalistic humor. Rather than the normal tsukkomi-style of Japanese humor, its humor rests mostly upon how people specifically don't react to what's going on, the way that game character sprites don't recognize the situation around them. The characters, especially the 7th Des Div, maintain the same expressions most of the time (unless the gag is that they got their faces mixed up), like the sprites in the game.

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