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  • 1boy 1girl artist_name backpack bag bed blonde_hair blue_shirt blush blush_stickers brown_eyes cellphone chinese chinese_commentary comic commentary_request crescent_moon crying crying_with_eyes_open curtains holding holding_phone indian_style long_hair luggage mixflavor moon night nightstand open_mouth original phone pillow pink_shirt shirt short_hair simple_background sitting smartphone sparkle_background speech_bubble sunglasses talking talking_on_phone tears traditional_chinese translated wavy_mouth window
    3girls belt blush braid brown_hair choker closed_eyes eyebrows_visible_through_hair feathers glint hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon hairband highres idolmaster idolmaster_shiny_colors kuwayama_chiyuki layered_skirt long_hair multiple_girls narumi_nanami navel one_eye_closed oosaki_amana oosaki_tenka open_mouth ribbon single_braid stomach tears trophy yellow_eyes
    1boy 1girl arms_around_neck azur_lane black_corset black_panties blonde_hair blush braid choker clothed_female_nude_male cross-section crown_braid cum cum_in_pussy elbow_gloves eyebrows_visible_through_hair floral_print flower gloves hair_flower hair_ornament head_hug hetero highres internal_cumshot nose_blush nude open_mouth orgasm overflow panties penis prince_of_wales_(azur_lane) purple_choker purple_gloves purple_legwear red_eyes sex short_hair snot_trail straddling tears thighhighs trembling underwear upright_straddle vaginal val_(escc4347) veins veiny_penis
    1girl bandaid bandaids_on_nipples bangs bare_shoulders black_hair blush breasts chalkboard collarbone covering covering_crotch green_eyes half-closed_eyes highres hiyajou_maho indoors kuaru_(okamokomon) labcoat long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer messy_hair navel nude off_shoulder open_clothes pasties skinny small_breasts solo standing steins;gate steins;gate_0 sweatdrop tearing_up tears thick_eyebrows undressing very_long_hair
    1boy 1girl areolae bar_censor barefoot black_hair blush breasts censored choujigen_game_neptune fellatio hair_between_eyes hand_on_another's_head janong large_breasts long_hair looking_up neptune_(series) nipples noire nose_blush nude oral panties panties_around_one_leg penis red_eyes sweat tears twintails underwear
    1girl bangs blue_eyes blue_sky braid breasts bridal_veil bug butterfly chihuri commentary crying crying_with_eyes_open day dress english_commentary eyebrows_visible_through_hair feet_out_of_frame frilled_dress frills grass hair_ribbon highres insect long_dress long_hair long_sleeves medium_breasts nuclear_powerplant original outdoors ribbon sky solo standing tears veil wedding_dress white_dress white_hair wreath
    1girl anklet anus armpits ass_visible_through_thighs asymmetrical_legwear asymmetrical_sleeves bangs bar_censor bare_shoulders bed_sheet between_breasts black_legwear blonde_hair blush bottomless breasts buckle censored commentary_request covered_navel crying crying_with_eyes_open dakimakura detached_collar earrings ereshkigal_(fate/grand_order) fate/grand_order fate_(series) from_above full_body grabbing groin heart heart_censor highres infinity jewelry kojima_saya long_hair looking_at_viewer lying medium_breasts multiple_views navel necklace nipples no_panties nude on_back open_mouth parted_bangs pussy red_eyes sheet_grab single_sleeve single_thighhigh skull spine sweat tears thighhighs tiara torogao two_side_up
    1girl all_fours bestiality bunny_hair_ornament closed_mouth crescent crescent_hair_ornament dog doggystyle hair_ornament kantai_collection kurona long_hair nude red_eyes red_hair sex simple_background socks solo tears trembling uzuki_(kantai_collection) white_background
    2girls armpits ascot bdsm blush bondage bound bow breasts brown_eyes brown_hair commentary_request detached_sleeves eyebrows_visible_through_hair fang gap gloves hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu long_hair medium_breasts multiple_girls navel open_mouth puuakachan red_bow rope sideboob speech_bubble tears tickling touhou translation_request white_gloves yakumo_yukari yellow_neckwear
    1boy avogado6 cat closed_eyes commentary dog leash messy_hair open_mouth original sharp_teeth tears teeth tongue yawning
    5boys anal arm_guards bangs belt black_gloves blue_eyes blush breath censored clothed_sex cowgirl_position cum cum_in_ass cum_in_mouth double_handjob double_penetration ear_blush earrings ejaculation erection eyebrows_visible_through_hair fellatio fingerless_gloves gangbang gloves green_hat green_tunic grey_background group_sex handjob hat highres jewelry light_brown_hair link long_sleeves meimone multiple_boys multiple_penises nose_blush oral penis pointless_censoring pointy_ears sex shirt short_hair solo_focus spread_legs straddling tears the_legend_of_zelda the_legend_of_zelda:_skyward_sword tunic white_shirt yaoi
    1girl absurdres black_hair blush book cardigan highres low_twintails necktie simple_background starthree tamura_yuri tears twintails watashi_ga_motenai_no_wa_dou_kangaetemo_omaera_ga_warui!
    1girl armband bangs camera commentary_request eyebrows_visible_through_hair fish flower hair_flower hair_ornament hands_up highres kantai_collection lifebuoy long_hair machine open_mouth oshiyon ro-500_(kantai_collection) school_swimsuit school_uniform serafuku solo submarine sweat swimsuit swimsuit_under_clothes tan tanline tears watercraft white_hair wire
    1girl absurdres aqua_eyes aqua_hair blush breast_grab breasts detached_sleeves grabbing hair_between_eyes hatsune_miku heart heart-shaped_pupils highres holding_hands interlocked_fingers kitsunerider long_hair lying necktie on_back out_of_frame pillow pov revision small_breasts solo_focus symbol-shaped_pupils tears twintails upper_body vocaloid
    1girl after_sex blush braid breasts crying cum cum_in_pussy drooling grancrest_senki hair_ribbon hera_(hara0742) highres long_hair lying medium_breasts nipples on_back open_mouth purple_eyes purple_ribbon ribbon saliva side_bun siluca_meletes solo streaming_tears tears
    1boy avogado6 bug butterfly commentary flower insect looking_up muted_color open_mouth original own_hands_together rose shirt solo spot_color tagme tears
    2girls blush book collared_shirt commentary crying earrings hair_between_eyes highres holding holding_book jewelry long_sleeves multiple_girls open_book open_mouth pleated_skirt reading satou_takumi shirt short_hair side-by-side sitting skirt sleeves_rolled_up tanaka_mako tears translated tree watashi_ga_motenai_no_wa_dou_kangaetemo_omaera_ga_warui! wiping_tears yoshida_masaki
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