Hatsune Miku and copyright

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There's a Hatsune Miku on Masterwork Apocalypse and I made a new character tag (Hatsune Miku (Masterwork Apocalypse)) weeks ago when I was looking into the game because her design is particularly different than usual (starting ; upgrade). As I wrote on the wiki, "her design before upgrade is similar to Hatsune Miku (vocaloid4)", same could be said about Hatsune miku (vocaloid4) (Chinese). So you might get something like post #4941636 and post #4549458 with multiple character tags (yes, I tagged the third and came here to ask about it).

I don't want to create tagging problems, didn't even try requesting tag implications yet as well (Hatsune Miku (Masterwork Apocalypse) ==> Hatsune Miku).

In case more artworks are made, do you guys think the vocaloid4 design should be tagged on posts with Miku's design being visibly similar to it, but also visibly related to Masterwork Apocalypse? They're basically the same and I think it works as a way to filter the starting design by searching for both tags. Regarding Hatsune Miku (Masterwork Apocalypse), it should exist at least because of the upgrade being unlike her other designs.