Surrounded by cocks

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Is there a tag for when a group of men (or just their penises) are circling/ejaculating on a subject in the middle, other than "general" tags like bukkake? Because if not, I noticed pixiv has a "surrounded by cocks" (チンコ包囲網) tag and given this sort of "composition" is pretty usual, could it be a useful tag?

pantsukiller said:

Could be useful if well-defined and not just the same as 1girl + multiple_penises

Don't forget boys as well. But I think the main subject being encircled/ejaculated by penises from all sides is a pretty distinguishable and popular theme, so it's not automatically the same as multiple penises (of course, there will be overlap, like with a lot of tags).

Here's a couple of quick examples: post #5040722 (boy) and post #5078095 (girl).

evazion said:

Multiple penises was originally created exactly for this (see forum #7978), before it was co-opted into being a literal counter tag for penises. I think multiple penises should either be salvaged for this purpose or just nuked, because having it be a literal penis counter tag is just pointless to me.

IMO, I think multiple penises is a useful tag, for example when there are multiple males but not all of them have their penises visible/out.