List of Fate Series Alternate Costumes

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I think I've caught up with the vast majority of the alternate costume tagging for the Fate series, but upon compiling the possible implications in a separate Word document, I've come to realize that keeping all of it straight is going to be a nightmare without something to refer to. That's why I made the List of Fate Series Alternate Costumes wiki, especially since the Fate/Grand Order tag is getting fairly bloated with listing the alternate costumes on its own. However, I've hit a roadblock:

  • Is there a desire from the community to have such a wiki in place?
  • If so, how should it be formatted?

If this idea doesn't work for you guys, the list will be easy to delete. I just copied and pasted what was in the Fate/Grand Order wiki, and left it alone just in case. I also updated all characters' wikis to compile their outfits into mini-lists on their own, so the wiki could potentially be redundant.

If there is support for it, then figuring out how to format the page has drawn a total blank for me. The easiest thing I can think of is doing all of the costumes in alphabetical order, then linking any characters involved in multi-character outfits like this:

Anniversary Blonde
Female Ritsuka
Male Ritsuka

Chaldea Lifesavers
Florence Nightingale
Jack the Ripper

Eastern Socialite Attire


Monte Cristo Selection

Pure Night Dress
Nero Claudius


I'm just not sure if we would want to keep the deprecation tags or nuke them.

Conversely, it could be done alphabetically by character, then their named costumes below it:

Heroic Spirit Formal Dress
Lightning Reindeer
Phantom Night

Julius Caesar
Show Time

Aerial Drive
Heroic Spirit Festival Outfit
Heroic Spirit Traveling Outfit
Holy Maiden's Teaching
Muscle Cavalier

Nero Claudius
Anniversary Heroines
Battle Olympia
Heroic Spirit Formal Dress
Heroic Spirit Traveling Outfit
Idol Emperor
Joint Recital
Modern Costume of Crimson
Moon Crux
Mythology Mystic Code of Emperor
Nightless Rose
Olympian Bloomers
Pure Night Dress
Red Lightning
Return Match
Saber Venus


I find this method almost a rehash of the List of Fate series characters when this wiki should be costume-focused rather than character-focused.