The great Transformers tag overhaul

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BUR #10335 has been approved by @nonamethanks.


rename goldbug -> goldbug_(transformers)
rename red_alert -> red_alert_(transformers)
rename powerglide -> powerglide_(transformers)
rename kup -> kup_(transformers)
rename sludge -> sludge_(transformers)
rename drift -> drift_(transformers)
rename dinobot -> dinobot_(beast_wars)
rename slag -> slag_(transformers)
rename perceptor -> perceptor_(transformers)
rename brainstorm -> brainstorm_(transformers)
rename rewind -> rewind_(transformers)
rename ironfist -> ironfist_(transformers)
rename rung -> rung_(transformers)
rename seaspray -> seaspray_(transformers)
rename lugnut -> lugnut_(transformers)
rename impactor -> impactor_(transformers)
rename slipstream -> slipstream_(transformers)
rename sunstorm -> sunstorm_(transformers)
rename acidstorm -> acidstorm_(transformers)
rename ravage -> ravage_(transformers)
rename frenzy -> frenzy_(transformers)
rename bombshell -> bombshell_(transformers)
rename kickback -> kickback_(transformers)
rename onslaught -> onslaught_(transformers)
rename eagle_eye -> eagle_eye_(transformers)
rename ransack -> ransack_(transformers)
rename sixshot -> sixshot_(transformers)
rename roadtrap -> roadtrap_(transformers)
rename prowl -> prowl_(transformers)
rename t-ai -> t-ai_(transformers)
rename whirl -> whirl_(transformers)
rename tailgate -> tailgate_(transformers)
rename heatwave -> heatwave_(transformers)
rename swerve -> swerve_(transformers)
rename hot_rod -> hot_rod_(transformers)
rename blast_off -> blast_off_(transformers)
rename springer -> springer_(transformers)
rename lione -> lione_(transformers)
rename scamper -> scamper_(transformers)
rename long_haul -> long_haul_(transformers)
rename nautica -> nautica_(transformers)
rename warpath -> warpath_(transformers)
rename bludgeon -> bludgeon_(transformers)
rename thrust -> thrust_(transformers)
rename seaspray -> seaspray_(transformers)
rename broadside -> broadside_(transformers)
rename breakdown -> breakdown_(transformers)
rename hardhead -> hardhead_(transformers)
rename overkill -> overkill_(transformers)
rename blurr -> blurr_(transformers)

The Transformers tags are something of a mess, with a ton of unqualified tags for ambiguous names and some JP/EN name mismatching here and there for some of the JP-produced series. Gonna do a couple of BURs to clean up the tags related to this copyright, starting with qualifying the ambiguously named characters.

Let me know if I missed any in this BUR because there's an insane amount of these.

Didn't include Bumblebee yet since it has over 200 posts so I can only alias it. Should I just put it in that one as an alias and then just de-alias it afterwards?

BUR #19660 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias alexa_(transformers) -> alexis_(transformers)

Duplicate tags for one of the human characters. Alexa is a nickname used exclusively in the Japanese version while Alexis is her English name (the preferred names for TF tags).

While the wiki does mention her having a full name, it's never mentioned in the show and only revealed in a kids lore book released years later, so it wouldn't make sense to use as the tag since barely anyone would know it.

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