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The bulk update request #10493 has been approved by @evazion.


create implication akane_(bunny)_(blue_archive) -> akane_(blue_archive)
create implication aru_(new_year)_(blue_archive) -> aru_(blue_archive)
create implication asuna_(bunny)_(blue_archive) -> asuna_(blue_archive)
create implication azusa_(swimsuit)_(blue_archive) -> azusa_(blue_archive)
create implication cherino_(hot_spring)_(blue_archive) -> cherino_(blue_archive)
create implication chinatsu_(hot_spring)_(blue_archive) -> chinatsu_(blue_archive)
create implication haruka_(new_year)_(blue_archive) -> haruka_(blue_archive)
create implication hina_(swimsuit)_(blue_archive) -> hina_(blue_archive)
create implication hifumi_(swimsuit)_(blue_archive) -> hifumi_(blue_archive)
create implication iori_(swimsuit)_(blue_archive) -> iori_(blue_archive)
create implication izumi_(swimsuit)_(blue_archive) -> izumi_(blue_archive)
create implication karin_(bunny)_(blue_archive) -> karin_(blue_archive)
create implication kayoko_(new_year)_(blue_archive) -> kayoko_(blue_archive)
create implication mashiro_(swimsuit)_(blue_archive) -> mashiro_(blue_archive)
create implication mutsuki_(new_year)_(blue_archive) -> mutsuki_(blue_archive)
create implication neru_(bunny)_(blue_archive) -> neru_(blue_archive)
create implication nodoka_(hot_spring)_(blue_archive) -> nodoka_(blue_archive)
create implication saya_(casual)_(blue_archive) -> saya_(blue_archive)
create implication serika_(new_year)_(blue_archive) -> serika_(blue_archive)
create implication shiroko_(cycling)_(blue_archive) -> shiroko_(blue_archive)
create implication shun_(small)_(blue_archive) -> shun_(blue_archive)
create implication tsurugi_(swimsuit)_(blue_archive) -> tsurugi_(blue_archive)

That should be all of the current costume/variant tags.
Might as well centralise the future costume implications in a single thread, like topic #19647 for Arknights.

Something that should be noted, Akane (bunny) is not an actual playable character or aquireable outfit, though the design is officially listed as "Akane (bunny)" in game during the bunny girl event. When I made all the variant tags, I skipped her for that reason, and someone else made that one.

If we're going to keep that one, then we should probably make tags for the other characters with unreleased alt outfits. The two others I know for sure are Kayoko and Haruka's New Years kimonos.

Yes, I agree that those should also be made. They're official, distinct visually, and have a theme/"name" that can be assigned. I'm working on populating these two, but I don't know if there are others official-but-unreleased costumes for Blue Archive.


The bulk update request #10502 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias akane_(bunny_girl)_(blue_archive) -> akane_(bunny)_(blue_archive)
create alias neru_(bunny_girl)_(blue_archive) -> neru_(bunny)_(blue_archive)
create alias asuna_(bunny_girl)_(blue_archive) -> asuna_(bunny)_(blue_archive)
create alias karin_(bunny_girl)_(blue_archive) -> karin_(bunny)_(blue_archive)
create alias shun_(kid)_(blue_archive) -> shun_(small)_(blue_archive)

Update the currently released variants' names to match with the official Global names. The rest are either already correctly named or haven't been released for Global servers. Mostly for consistency's sake, aside from Shun who ended up with a totally different qualifier.

The bulk update request #15591 has been approved by @Hillside_Moose.

create implication utaha_(cheerleader)_(blue_archive) -> utaha_(blue_archive)
create implication shiroko_(terror)_(blue_archive) -> shiroko_(blue_archive)
create implication problem_solver_sensei_(blue_archive) -> sensei_(blue_archive)

Missing implication for Utaha whoops, implication for the newly separated Problem Solver Sensei, and another for Shiroko's alternate version.

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