seperate red string from string of fate

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BUR #10970 has been rejected.

remove alias red_string -> string_of_fate
remove alias red_thread -> string_of_fate
create alias red_thread -> red_string
create implication red_string -> string

In a previous discussion (topic #17128) red string was changed to string of fate due to its ambiguity, but the aliases were kept. However not every red string is a string of fate, such as post #5432029, post #5336701, post #5315754, where there's not emphasis on it being attached to one's hand/finger. Leaving the aliases will lead to mistags. Red string of fate will be kept so people can still find it by typing "red string".
Alternately we can make red string the umbrella for any type of string that's red, but I don't mind if we decide that's it's not necessary.