Guidance for tagging legs and thighs

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Could I get some direction regarding how legs and thighs should be tagged. I'm running into situations where I find what seem to be mistags to me, only to encounter pushback when I correct them.

The criteria I've been using have been:


Im pretty sure we have discussed renaming the legs tag to leg_focus but it didnt go anywhere. Telling people not to use a tag because its not prominent enough is an exercise in futility. Far to many people, even builders, dont read wikis and just think 'nice legs → tag'.

I would argue for using only the thigh tag on your last point, otherwise I do agree in principle. You could send (polite) DMs to users who change your edits and ask if they have read the wikis. Most will agree and change their tagging but I do believe that you will find that there are far to many of them for it to be a sustainable solution.