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imply bikini shorts / skirt -> bikini

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I don't know about the bikini_skirt -> skirt implication. Often bikini skirts are just long frills (post #5669733) rather than a fully-fledged skirt; it's not the sort of thing I'd want to see in a skirt search. It'd also make a ton of them count as upskirt because of how short most bikini skirts are.

+1 to the other two implications.

NWF_Renim said:

Would it make sense for images under bikini skirt that would qualify as frilled bikini to be migrated over to frilled bikini instead?

This would be a better option, as most of the bikini skirt designs are not that much of a skirt, especially when the crotch area is not even covered by the frills (although this may just be common mistake).

Something similar to this would be to imply frilled_panties with skirt, which wouldn't make much sense TBH.