Alias nanjamo -> iono (pokemon JP -> EN)

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everyone's gotten used to EN names for everything

I disagree. In fact, that's exactly why I requested this alias. While not the majority, there are plenty of JP speakers, both native and non-native, using Danbooru; and some of us don't consume English-translated Japanese media. Just because most users know characters by EN names doesn't mean that such aliases are useless.

Aliases, as far as I'm aware, have effectively no performance impact, and this one also wouldn't be getting in the way of anything in the autocomplete.

And while yes, the character's Japanese name can be searched for via the "Other names" field, it's silly to have to switch inputs just to search for something that should be a simple alias, like we've been doing for years. Not allowing these aliases feels somewhat similar to automatic alias retiring for characters and copyrights, despite little to no benefit--which was changed later to exclude those types.

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