Vocal synth alias and implications

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The bulk update request #12775 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias megpoid_(vocaloid3) -> gumi_(v3_megpoid)
create alias megpoid_(vocaloid4) -> gumi_(v4_megpoid)
create implication gumi_(v3_megpoid) -> gumi
create implication gumi_(v4_megpoid) -> gumi
create implication gumi_(a.i._voice) -> gumi
create implication gumi_(ai_megpoid) -> gumi
create implication hatsune_miku_(vocaloid3) -> hatsune_miku
create implication hatsune_miku_(vocaloid4) -> hatsune_miku
create implication hatsune_miku_(vocaloid4)_(chinese) -> hatsune_miku
create implication hatsune_miku_(nt) -> hatsune_miku
create implication yuzuki_yukari_(nagi) -> yuzuki_yukari

The official names of GUMI's software are "V3 Megpoid" and "V4 Megpoid". It would also be more consistent to reformat the character tags to actually have the character's name like with all other vocal synth derivatives.