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Username_Hidden said:

Official romanization is "Aris", and the wikia romanizes it as Alice.

The wikia consistently refuses to use the translations used on the global release for almost anything - if you go to a student's page it'll say "member of [club]", but you have to go to the club's page itself to get the name used in the English release, which almost always comes after whatever translation someone has decided to use from the Japanese.

It's quite annoying when translating Blue Archive stuff, I'll tell you what.

(I think Aris is kinda dumb, but that's what they use, so that's what I gotta use in a translation.)

T34-38 said:

Wtf why people agree to use the global "translation" when it is obvious that it is a mistake. Even the translator stated yet refuse to admit it's mistake.

Because that's the standard Danbooru uses for virtually all copyrights, unless it's decided to make Blue Archive one of the exceptions.