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Azur Lane Type II implications

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BUR #13901 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create implication yorktown_ii_(azur_lane) -> yorktown_(azur_lane)
create implication hornet_ii_(azur_lane) -> hornet_(azur_lane)
create implication northampton_ii_(azur_lane) -> northampton_(azur_lane)
create implication hammann_ii_(azur_lane) -> hammann_(azur_lane)
create implication langley_ii_(azur_lane) -> langley_(azur_lane)

This is an interesting topic and I wondered if this ought to be submitted, but I think it's worth considering because Azur Lane has specified that Type II shipgirls have the same bodies and memories of the originals but updated/upgraded equipment and capabilities (for example, Essex-class equipment for Yorktown and Hornet in their Type II forms).

Aken_Bosch said:

Technically muse versions are same characters as originals, only having some fun time. Should we add implication for them as well?

I reckon that might be a good idea! I know I wouldn't object to it.