Pokemon Furisode Girl tag cleanup

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BUR #14620 has been rejected.

nuke furisode_girl_(pokemon)
deprecate furisode_girl_(pokemon)
create alias furisode_girl_kali -> kali_(pokemon)
create alias furisode_girl_linnea -> linnea_(pokemon)
create alias furisode_girl_katherine -> katherine_(pokemon)
create alias furisode_girl_blossom -> blossom_(pokemon_xy)
rename blossom_(pokemon) -> blossom_(pokemon:_poketoon)
deprecate blossom_(pokemon)

Some background, if you're unfamiliar: Furisode Girl is a catagory of NPC trainer, similar to Ace Trainer or Hex Maniac. In the games, this trainer type has exclusively been visually depicted by four different designs, named after the NPCs found in their debut Gym: Kali, Linnea, Katherine, and Blossom.

These designs don't currently implicate the parent Furisode Girl tag. While we could implicate them, I would argue the Furisode Girl tag serves a limited purpose due to how visually distinct each of their designs are. Their only commonality is that they all wear a furisode in their canon appearance. Therefore, I expect Furisode Girl could be nuked without being missed.

The aliases are to make these tags more consistent with other character tags. We don't usually include a character's title or profession in their tag. In doing this, blossom_(pokemon) will need to be disambiguated, since there's a character from Poketoon by the same name.

@nonamethanks post #5022614 isn't referencing an official design, the tag is purely the result of the note text as far as I can tell. For the Touhou ones, their poses are referencing the ones seen in the official art for each of the four Furisode Girl designs, so I've changed the generic tag to the more specific one in those cases. For example, compare post #1611021 to Kali.


If a tag is deprecated, can it be undeprecated later? Because it's entirely possible a different game brings back the Furisode Girl Trainer class, in which case we would need to be able to use the tag.