A seperate thread for comic "fills" appeals

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I was wondering, would a separate thread dedicated to just appealing comic fills (for approved comics) be worth it?

This is based on the discussion in forum #63133 and on the general rules for deletion appeals.

I figure it would give them more visibility and there would be no question as to the reason the image was being appealed. This is assuming no great amount of abuse or mistakes.

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  • Cyberia-Mix said:
    According to forum #39811, you can.
    However I don't think it raises the chances for approval in the end (you may have more hope than me though).

    The two rules I am going with on this one is (paraphrase):

    1. Unapproved images from comics that are otherwise approved should in general be approved (some exceptions).

    2. If you feel very strongly about an image you can make your own thread for it.

    As opposed to dumping them in the deletion appeal thread (which honestly seems the wrong place concept wise) or making a hideous amount of new threads, I think a single thread dedicated to comic fill/continuation approval might have some merit.

    While it might not help with mods who normally blacklist copyrights/content it does IMO greatly increase the chance of posts getting noticed vs getting totally buried in the deletion appeal thread.

    This would save any missed images that were not specifically said to be parts of pools either.

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