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jjj14 said:
This seems pretty clear-cut to me, objects can't be copyrights. So a Coke can or a Pocky stick can't be a copyright anymore than a bed or a computer or a dildo could.

To correct you, not the coke bottle is the copyright, the company which made the coke bottle (actually, the one which owns the brand) is. Objects alone can warrant a copyright tag on the image (post #932022), so I wouldn't use that argument.

The current system is not perfect, since I would want the mcdonald's tag to be a general tag for post #977735, but a copyright tag for post #816610.

The old discussion about this: forum #19664


Ehh I'm fine with it either way (more or less inclusive copy definition) as long as it's consistent. I think the wiki write-up looks pretty good, but I do think we get muddled on brands, when some end up getting copyright tags (mc d's) and some don't. A new user would not be able to tell which should or should not be copy, at least not easily.