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Note: This thread is for post deletion requests only. Pool deletion requests belong in forum #12295. -Bapa

This is where you can request an image to be flagged or deleted. Here is a link to forum #57344 and the Terms of Service. There are just some rules, however:

1.) Having one image per post is greatly preferred. If you have enough images you want delet

2.) Give an explanation on what is wrong with the picture.

3.) This is NOT the place to ask why an image has been flagged. And whether or not an image is flagged or deleted is at the janitor or moderators discretion.

4.) Just because something violates the TOS doesn't mean its automatic grounds for deletion, although it needs to have good art and not be extreme or vulgar in its content.

5.) Do not request to flag or delete images that are in the moderation queue. If it does get approved, however, feel free to flag it.

6.) While you can go back and request images that are 2+ years or more, just keep in mind whether or not its worth flagging but it is fair game. The grandfather clause was overturned 2 years ago in forum #14967 so just because it was okay back then, it isn't now, and its okay to flag it.

7.) There are a lot of average images out there that may or may not be approved or that you wouldn't approve if you had the power to, but that isn't enough to flag them. If the image is offensively bad, violates the TOS, is approved by the uploader, or something especially heinous, then submit it.

I think I covered my bases, so lets start the thread and see how it goes.

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For the first question, I think so.

For the second question, a fair amount of member-level users complained about not being able to flag images. Someone mentioned requesting it in the comics but going through the forum, it seems to have been determined this was not practical.

And from the ending of the thread, after I stated I was going to create this thread, I didn't receive a no. Granted, hats not a yes, so I feel that a trial is appropriate here.

I was GOING to unapprove post #107334, but the Unapprove link just isn't there for me. It's a crappy edit of a screen cap, so I don't think anyone will miss it.

EDIT: I'm going to assume it's because someone unapproved it and someone else re-approved it, but there was no Approver:***** line, so I'm not 100% positive.

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