tag alias: nightvision -> night_vision

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Two issues I have on this is are (#1) what if images that display a scene as if through night vision and (#2) what about non-goggle night vision devices (like post #464592, so items like night vision scopes, binoculars, and monoculars)? If everything is aliased to goggles that does not allow room for other types and if we're using the "night vision" tag for equipment (which for some we're just guessing that's their function) that doesn't allow room for future images (or potential non-tagged current images) that are night vision in depiction but not an item in the image.


personally, i don't mind having a distinction between scenes viewed through night vision and the night vision devices. but i don't think the tags concerned are mature enough to have them separate as people might want the other included in their searches.

meanwhile, the plain and shorter night_vision offers enough space to include everything.

we can also utilize dark, green, or crosshair tags together with night_vision to locate such scenes depicted, if they already exist.

or as an alternative, we can also alias all equipment to night_vision_device or night_vision_instrument