Nuking more pokémon

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I kinda liked those tags. Anyway, if people don't want them, it's okay to delete them.

Danbooru used to have only legendary_pokemon for all Mythical / Legendary Pokémon before. For instance, post #496929 (Mew) used to be tagged legendary_pokemon, which was wrong... Mew is not really a Legendary Pokémon according to the Japanese dialogue from the games / anime / manga since gen 1. The English localization used to conflate them together with the word "Legendary" before, but then it stopped doing that at some point.

When I found out that legendary_pokemon tag at some point, I just populated mythical_pokemon which made it more accurate to the Pokémon media.

nonamethanks said:

As I stated in that topic and in forum #197168 earlier, these tags would make sense if they were for pictures that focus on legendary/mythical pokemon. As it stands however appear in any kind of picture with them, like post #443403, so they're really useless tags.

I disagree with that. Maybe if it were called legendary_pokemon_focus (which we don't need to create, this is just an example), it could be for a focus on those kinds of Pokémon.