create alias face_blush -> full-face_blush

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In my experience, taggers seem to find full-face_blush first and only discover the other blush tags later. At least, that's the only plausible explanation I have for for why that particular tag is getting constantly misused. I've never seen anyone tag a full-face blush as nose_blush, but people fuck things up in the other direction all the time. An alias from face_blush threatens to make this problem even worse.

I'm growing ever more skeptical about the utility of these "utility aliases". This alias seems to be more for your personal convenience than to actually help new users with an underutilized tag.

Thanks for sharing your experience and explaining it. I never thought someone could mistake those 2 tags.
As for your assumption, no, I barely come across posts like that.

I'm only opening these topics because I thought I could bring in another perspective as someone who's ESL and because there's some inconsistencies in our tags that could be forgotten for years if nobody brings it up to the forums. It has happened more times than I can count for the past 2 years I've been here (and discord) because most users find the forums a waste of time, or simply don't care.

I don't just bring up these topics out of thin air. It's things that come up on Discord between users or things that I notice while uploading. Not many people are as knowledge about tags like most of us builders here.
Sure, they won't all be perfectly thought out but we could just discuss them like we did here and reach an agreeable solution.
A user who uses the forums is someone who cares about the site and is trying to help, we should be encouraging towards them, not the opposite.
Being so uptight about everything is exactly why so many users don't engage in here.

nonamethanks said:

That's a pretty ugly tag name.

I meant changing the alias to that, not the tag name.
I guess this is another case of waiting for that autocomplete update then.