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modify warhammer related tags

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Actually the tag chaos (warhammer) is listed under 'characters', but the imperium of man is under 'general'. Actually this make no sense at all, because both are factions in the game/universe, composed each other by many subfactions, and not characters.
so I propose to transfer te first tag to the 'general' section, implying him when a person tag slaanesh, khorne, nurgle, tzeentch and chaos space marine.
also the tag imperium of man should be implied when a person tag things such adeptus astartes, adepta sororitas etc

what do you think?

Veradux said:

All this really does is encourage canon tagging and that initial proposal is indicative of the same problems we were trying to avoid with forum #194989. This is just gen 1 pokemon but with the non-nuke solution of renaming to make it clear that it's a symbol tag.

I'm by no means opposed to nuking/functionally nuking all faction/group/subgroup tags, but I think that if we decide to go that direction we should nuke all such tags (which should probably be done in a new forum topic).

Either way, though, it doesn't make any sense for chaos_(warhammer) to be a character tag and it's category will need to be changed to "general" anyways if we decide to alias it to chaos_symbol_(warhammer) or something, so I see no issue with approving the above BUR.