Bikini implications

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BUR #10415 has been approved by @evazion.

create implication o-ring_bikini -> bikini
create implication string_bikini -> bikini
create implication eyepatch_bikini -> bikini
create implication tankini -> bikini

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I may be awakening a undesired sleeping topic, but I'm going to try this.

I'm still trying to understand the danbooru bikini lore, since it has a whole chain of links in threads pointing to other threads, but it seems the main argument used at the time was that bikini bottoms/tops only couldn't imply bikini, as pointed in forum #149104, then the same mentioned rejected BUR was approved on forum #168346, for the reasons pointed in forum #163236 and forum #161923.

Bikini bottom and bikini top started implying bikini since forum #166311 was approved and then finally they're renamed in forum #203595, so I suppose these missing implications are leftovers of the past that were forgotten, I didn't add other types of bikinis because I'm not sure yet if they fit for an implication.