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There are some translations I need some second opinion of. The box dialogue in particular; I got words "to bargain," "celebratory," "store," and "it's smart/stylish," but I feel doubted the way I interpreted it. "Watasu (渡す)" is the important verb here, which means "to give away" or something, but I'm not sure how to interpret it.

In the fourth panel, there is one dialogue I couldn't translate. Some of the particle words in that dialogue are in Kansai, and I don't have a reference guide for Kansai. All the extracted text is placed on as placeholder. Finally, the second-to-last dialogue, I need a context check for "あっコラ!そもそもウチが!," due to the limited words I had to interpret.

So along with two dialogues that needs checking, I also need someone who could interpret Kansai for the untranslated dialogue.

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Copyright: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (anime)
Artist: no+bi=
Length: 94 pages

This here is admittedly only half the manga, as the artist only reposted the first half, but considering the length above (and the fact that the first half felt pretty enthralling to upload), I'm pretty sure that will do for now.

It's a more difficult task admittedly, but I definitely feel translating this little drama would definitely be worth it. I'd love to translate it myself, but I'd much rather a more experienced translator take it on before attempting what might be too much for an amateur like myself at the moment.

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It's a collection of stories by Futa (Nabezoko), just a few pages would be fine since some of it is already translated.
Even just having the Remilia pages translate would be fine.
I can read/write Katakana and Hiragana and look up some Kanji and translate anything that I'm absolutely sure of.
But Kanji is still a massive blind spot for me.
It's entirely sfw.

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