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SolRush said:

I see. I understand the normal hiragana reading on the second line, but even the kanji on the third line at the bottom of the "title box" is too difficult to read?

Sorry for the late reply! That's 集 (集まっている).

post #5486929 by artist jetto_komusou

touhou x kodoku_no_gourmet comic
kirisame_marisa, mystia_lorelei, kurokoma_saki, inogashira_gorou

1 page, 4koma/4 panel.

Seems to be something about Saki being a loud customer.


pool #8500 by group tentai->kansoku -- Written by Gane (gane2) and illustrated by Eboshi (Glass Wall Garden).

kodoku_no_gourmet doujin that crossover with touhou and jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken diamond_wa_kudakenai

17 pages

Basically a Kodoku no Gourmet story where Gorou somehow ended up in Touhou and Jojo part 4's settings and eat some foods.


Thank you for the translation, Yakunin.

post #6898472 by yamamoto_arifredSFW
sanganomiya_kokomi1 page, 2 speech bubbleA drunk Kokomi with wine at hand, seems to be trying to touch your POV's face.


post #7422594 by tsukikage_nemu

SFW content that is text heavy.

Context: It is basically a character sheet giving us alice_claudia's character context. It is mostly text based with 2 drawings of alice_claudia in 2 different outfits and is an original character drawn by tsukikage_nemu.

P.S: The notes I made are just assumptions and are not fully viable or accurate. (btw I'm really curious of alice_claudia as a character so I hope that post #7422594 get translated. please and thank yous)

Basic translation is only needed/Fancy notes is optional

Edit: Thank you @Yakunin for translating this work. Even if you are unsure that this is properly translated, I still thank you for your work.
In need of a translation check.


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